The first step in the process is onboarding your SmartAssist personal email assistant.

You must give your email assistant cues to help it identify the types of content you receive on a consistent basis. Think about all the orders, help desk tickets, product enhancements, contracts, and many other business documents you receive via email. Identify your important types of email and create tags for them. Create a folder for each tag and put some example emails in each folder so your email assistant can begin to learn.

Once your email assistant understands how and what to tag, the next step is to tell it what to do with those emails.

Think about it, one email might be a contract signature that you need to file in your Box content management system, another might require follow-up, yet another is an order that should go into your Salesforce CRM.  There are myriad actions that might be automatically triggered once you identify the type of email.  SmartAssist gives you an easy way to drive these actions on the email through direct and 3rd connections.  Think of actions as the essential steps you need to perform to automate your workflow.

Like us humans, your email assistant will need periodic review and suggestions.

Now we’re rolling, our email is automatically tagged, and automated actions are flowing. You can see from your personal dashboard what has been tagged and acted on. See a mistake? No problem, this is how your assistant continues to learn and grow. Simply correct the tag or action, and your email assistant is all the smarter now. With a few corrections, your SmartAssist email assistant will be smooth sailing and on autopilot.

With all the time saved, focus on the things you really want to do

Now that the boring, tedious work of sorting through your email is out of the way, the sky’s the limit for you. You decide how to get the most value out of your time! One thing’s for sure, no one needs soul sucking email triage to make our lives better. With SmartAssist put the drudgery of email review on autopilot and get back to doing what you love!

What if you never had to weed through your inbox to find the emails requiring action?

Yes, we’re sure you’re an email over achiever and leave each day at inbox zero … but how many hours of your day did that take?

SmartAssist email assistant works by actively watching your new email then automatically organizing it … just the way you taught it to. When important emails are identified, you can have SmartAssist act. Sounds kind of like a personal assistant to us? You deserve a personal assistant!

What Sets SmartAssist Apart

  • Fully personalized – you have complete control over what tags to use and what actions to automate.
  • No separate app or program to install – your email stays right in your Office365 mailbox and SmartAssist works automatically behind the scenes.
  • Unlimited actions and connections – you’re not limited to email actions only within Microsoft-specific tools and programs. Email actions can involve connections to CRM systems, project management programs, order processing systems, and more.

Take back control of your Inbox today!