With SmartAssist, we’ve reimagined how email can be leveraged to actually streamline your business and productivity.  You see most email management solutions attempt to improve email productivity by focusing on the negative — removing distractions by reducing clutter and junk email.  This is highly important as the sheer volume of this unwanted email can be overwhelming.  However, there is another class of email that arguably deserves far greater attention – the email that is most valuable to you and your organization!  You see, many emails we receive trigger a business process or must to shared with others to realize the greatest value.  Some emails memorialize a business transaction or take on regulatory or legal obligations.  It’s critical that we don’t overlook these emails and acting on them in a timely manner is paramount.  Enter SmartAssist — a tool that removes the drudgery of triaging and acting on these important emails.  With the junk and clutter removed and routine emails identified and routed automatically to the best place to manage and take action, your time in email will plummet and your focus on adding value to your business will skyrocket.

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